Woods’s endlessness does not end. The fallen star walks on the floor

A total of 156 players started at British Open, 147th place. Obviously, he did not go through a crate: already on the second major behind, which he has never seen before.

“I can not. I could not extract anything from its better moments, I could not get a positive wave, “recounted disappointed Woods, until recently the phenomenon of sport.

Evidence of this should be mini-stories that described the head of the International Olympic Committee Thomas Bach. Golf is gloriously returning to the summer games next year, so Bach also met Woods. “I asked him about Rio I’m glad to see him,” says Bach. “He replied:” I’ll do everything for it, but I’m not sure if that’s enough. “

Andrews became a place of further embarrassment. “From what we have seen, unfortunately, Tiger seems to be right,” Bach added. “If he did not qualify for the Olympics, it would be a pity. But for him. MOV wants the best of it. “

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Even a German sports diplomat can not seem to see Woods, 39, who is still an elite. “It’s sad to see the best player of his generation like this. Who are you, and what have you done to Tiger Woods? “Critics say the former player, Paul Azinger, now an ESPN commentator.

It’s hard but not cruel. The golfer, who earned nearly $ 110 million in his career, has improved his account for 300,000 in the last two seasons (which is still a fortune for a regular man, but Woods is gullible).The breakdown of the marriage, the avant-garde sequence, the ending of the relationship with Lindsay Vonn’s skier…It all collapsed.

“It’s good to remember the times of his reign – I know he can get back, 27-year-old Jason Day, a member of the world’s top ten: “But the question is how much he wants.”

This was how reporters at British Open described his behavior: He does not seem to be interested in the crisis. The fire he once fired is gone. I’m laughing laughing as if there were some inner jokes. “I’m still young, I still love golf and I am always enjoying preparing for the biggest event,” said Woods, but after the last major, it is clear that the big name and the glorious past are not enough for themselves.

To St. Andrews will probably return to the Energybet free sports bets British Open in 2020 or 2021.Still with Tiger Woods at the start? “I’ll have a little less hair. And I hope golf is a bit better, “Woods snapped. It’s far more than humor, and bitter enough, he’s gone.

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