Wimbledon continues. And what about the overwhelming defeat of Jihlava?

The coach’s confidants Luděk Klusáček broke out twice last week – first defeated Slovan Bratislava on Wednesday, then on Friday 1: 6 in Prague’s Dukla.Both matches played in the series of preparatory games of the Czech-Slovak Football Hearts.

“We can not lose this way because we are doing shame at ourselves and the club,” Jihlava striker Muris Mešanovic realizes. “While the match with the Slovan was influenced by the varying state of preparation, we had a shameful performance with Dukla,” Klusáček admitted.

On Tuesday the third Fortuna leagues, which are already waiting for the opening match of the first European League against College Europa FC in Gibraltar on Thursday, were already on Jihlava’s third day of summer preparation, plus functional and diagnostic tests in the legs .”It was unpleasant, these tests were really demanding,” says Mešanovič. “In addition to the Slovan, it was to be seen that they were in a different stage of preparation.”

That was recognized by the Klusáček. “I get the result a little bit, because such a duel might have been premature at this stage,” he did not seek excuses. “On the other hand, the offer from Slovan came and it would be a shame not to use it.”

The next explosion, which followed two days later, however, would have sought Jihlava players in vain. “The second result does not excuse anything,” Mešanovic agrees. “Even though we were tired, Dukla was alike. And they played us, “he remembered. “We have to add.We can not afford to be the dominant player in the preparatory games. “

You can not hesitate for a moment < H3>

The truth is that Jihlava joined the two teams in a very combined set. Missing long-term marod Shourek and Vejmola, Vaculík, Jungra and Dvořák did not let health problems into the game either. Thus, tested defenders Addo, Chyla and Sweet, as well as youngsters Pedro, Klima, Duba. However, they did not say too much about their place in the squad.

“We were talking about the players. He must realize that professional football is uncompromising. They play a place in every match and they must not hesitate for the slightest moment.Still struggling for a contract, “Klusáček fingers caution.

” The one who gets better will get the opportunity. I have no comments on how players work in the training. But the games are here to show how they are. That’s where it’s seen, according to it, “says Jihlava coach.

” Sometimes it is decisive. The boys just play a little and do not even know that they just missed the opportunity they had, “he added.

After Sunday’s mandatory 9: 2 high prize over the 1st class player from Žebětín in Brno, Jihlava players will get another chance To show off Wednesday against Slavia in Prague. The match is played from 11am on Xaver.

“I think we should play more as a team.And, above all, do not allow opponents to create so many goals. Because we got twice the six goals, but to tell the truth, there could have been more, “says Mesanovic. “We should work more compactly and improve in everything.”