When Sparta starts out, it usually goes on. Will he repeat history with CSKA?

The memory still hurts. When coach Zdeněk Ščasný led his team against Dynamo Kiev in 1998, the opening game was a surprising victory for Baranka, the current leader of the team.

By the end of the revenge in Prague, there was a minute, When the Ukrainian club, thanks to the penetration of the famous attacker Shevchenko and the unfortunate treatment of the defender Gabriela equated. And then he won the penalty.

History remembers only one case when Sparta in the Champions League qualifier started out and did not move. In 2002 in Genk, however, the initial duel lost 0: 2 and then it was not enough to win home 4: 2. This last week’s 2: 2 draw at the Chimki stadium gives Sparta much more hope than ever Against the Belgian club.But CSKA is compared with the former Genk much better team. The Spartans do not necessarily push the offensive, not to score to advance.

In a more advantageous position than Sparta is the second Czech representative in the qualification of the Champions League, Plzeň in a home replay against Maccabi Tel Aviv defends win 2: 1 From Israel. And it is invincible in qualifying, the previous thirteen duels won the Champions League. It would be surprising if the series ended just against Maccabi.

While Plzen Champions League fights since 2011, the Spartans were already a participant in the pilot edition in 1991.The Champions Cup of the European countries underwent major changes that have stabilized the current model five years ago.

How did Sparta lead in the past?

Fall 1991 brought memorable battles with Glasgow Rangers And Olympique Marseille. In the opening duel in France, the Spartaists lost 0: 3, but managed to reduce to 2: 3 and in the retaliation won 2: 1. The group ended up behind Barcelona and Benfica and Dynamo Kiev. They had the theoretical hope of moving to the final of the Champions League, where Barcelona was in the final round.

Six years of success in qualifying. In the summer of 1997 in Salzburg they lost a missed draw, and in the retaliation of the Austrian champion they passed 3: 0. A year later, history wrote a sad story with Dynamo Kiev.In 1999 and 2001, Sparta did not have to qualify and moved directly. In autumn 2000 she started in Moldova and the opening match against Zimbru Chisinau won 1: 0. The same result was repeated in revenge.

In 2002 she started at home against Kutaisi, a 3: 0 result gave her a 2-1 defeat in Georgia. But then she did not manage to recall the original duel in Genk.

The successful years followed, during which a squabbling qualifying match always started out. In 2003, Vardar Skopje won the historic goal of Igor Gluščević from a direct kick, the Montenegrin striker fired while the goalkeeper was still conducting a player on the wall. A year later Sparta first made two rounds: at the APOEL course Nicosia lost a 2: 2 draw, home winning a 2: 1 win.After losing to Ferencvárosi 0: 1, home defeated by 2: 0, the decisive goal was given by Homola.

It was not expected that the last time Sparta came out of the qualifying round. In 2005, the Champions League played, but it went straight.

Then there are only failures and they all have one thing in common: the opening game was played on Letna.

Managed the second and third pre-round, but the play-off against Zilina was above their strength because they lost 0: 2 at home, which could not be cleared by the retaliation.They did not get enough at Arsenal and twice behind at Panathinaikos Athens.

Even at the last failure they started at home: Malmö beat 4: 2, but defeat 0: 2 in Sweden dreamed of the Champions League.