Voráček won the gold hockey stick, even though Jagr had his strength

Voráček in Philadelphia won 81 points in 82 games (22 + 59) and was also the most productive Czech player at the World Championship in Prague. It was an extraordinary and breakthrough season for him. “I’m 25 years old and I feel that I still have reserves and that I can improve even more,” he said, in addition, a smiling forvard . He never suffered from a lack of self-confidence, and so he was able to push himself so hard.But he himself stays legs on the ground. The following sentence is testified: “From the team’s point of view, the season was not so successful, because with Philadelphia I did not get to play-off and I did not make a medal.”

You may not believe it, but last year, Voráček was missing in a dozen gold sticks, although it was the best career year for him at that time. He was the first to come to the elite in 2012 when he finished seventh, a year later he was the fourth.

“This year was the best, the trophy definitely deserves,” said Martin Ručinsky. He can appreciate the fact that he came in the era of Jaromír Jágra, who in the poll in the last ten years managed to remove only Elijah, Vokoun and Krejci from the throne.Jagr finished in 11th place after the first round of voting, following the first round of voting in New Jersey, after jumping to Florida, and after the championship he jumped out and finished second.

This may be a little surprising, Who have spent the better year. These include, for example, Ondřej Palát, who played with Tampa until the Stanley Cup finals, and the +/- rating with 31 best points was the fourth best in the NHL.

Even more significant was Jiří Hudler, Calgary, but finished the fourth in the poll. Fifth place belongs to Tomas Plekanco, who has steadily excellent results in Montreal, and the sixth is veteran Martin Ručinský.At the age of 44 he is the oldest hockey player to be among the top ten ever. It is noteworthy that he made his top ten career success after ten years.

The slightest announcement of the Karlovy Vary ceremony was the fact that only four players of Voráček, Ručinský, Francouz and Vrbata took part in it. The remaining six apologized. So the organizer saved at least some of David Pastrňák’s best junior year.