Unfortunate injury to Perfect Pekarik: Deflected shoulder and long maroon!

BRATISLAVA – Slovak football representative Peter Pekarík did not play the C-group qualifying round EURO 2016 on Tuesday (0: 0). According to the doctor of the national team Ján Baťalík, the 28-year-old orthodox right-wing defender is waiting for three to six weeks of maroon.

This is why the questioner hangs over the start of the October qualifying round, in which the Slovaks will have two attempts to win the championship – on October 9 they will welcome in Žilina Belarus betting site offers and will be presented in Luxemburg three days later.

Pekarík went off on his own sixth strike in the 51st minute with the goal of touching the ball with the head of Matus Kozacic.He swung his shoulder, with which he had problems in the past. “He started to shake his hand, so we prevented him from transporting to a hospital in Žilina, but the hinge case should not be damaged, but it still needs to be confirmed by magnetic resonance imaging, and I estimate that the duration of the treatment will last three to six weeks.

< '(Matúš Kozáčik, pozn.) Has already flopped out and could have a clean ball, but on the other hand I played it many times in the past, and nothing happened, in this case, my left arm was once operated and it did not take much to get it back.I thought the playground would be a bit damp and the slider would get easier that did not happen. As I did the slider, I felt great pain. I knew it was bad and my shoulder was out. Then they took me to the Yilin Hospital, where they would fix the shoulder. X-ray revealed that fortunately nothing is broken or damaged.

They sports personality betting told me to show more magnetic resonance that I graduate in Germany. “
best online betting offers After the meeting, the 28-year-old Pekarík, who is sure to remember his 63nd performance in the most valuable jersey, will evaluate his health in the journalist mixzone when he is not injured in the holster: < b> “This is football, I do not like anything. I found the conclusion of the duel with Ukraine in the hospital. I was like the needles.Everyone, the entire hospital staff, was looking forward to the end result. “