The Serbs did not succeed in the test in Olomouc. Kalvoda does not even look for reinforcements

The Balkan enclave does not spread to Haná. The duo of Serbian footballers are not interested in Olomouc, their test after the preparatory matches with Senica (1: 1) and Gliwice (4: 1) ended. On the contrary, he was attacked by Pavel Moulis, who came to an exam in Jablonec.

The defender Milenko Malovich played against Senica, midfielder Milan Zorica was at the win over Polish Pliat Gliwice. They did not stand out on the pitch.

“One match is low, but when I compare it, we have players here. And taking another is unnecessary. When someone comes from abroad, ours ought to outweigh.Just as when the player goes out, “explained Leoš Kalvoda, coach of Sigma Olomouc, who still has the team Černohorce Denise Canu and newly assistant also his countryman Darka Šuškavčevic.

Besides the tested Pavel Moulis, No further promotion for the newcomer to the highest competition. “We’ll see. But I do not think anyone else will come, “Kalvoda said.

Fans have had the chance against Senica for the first time to see goalkeeper Miloš Bucht, who came after Rapid Bucharest. “He’s a good goalie. I’ve known him since he was three years old.At that time, he was still unprepared, “he recalled fifteen years ago, and the joint engagement of Kalvoda. “When he came to come, I agreed,” he added.

The only goal of Sigma scored by Michal Ordoš, the guests settled just before the break. “Senica is in preparation two weeks ahead and it was visible. They were more alive, they replaced two eleven, we played Energybet online betting tips with one team, and it was also visible in fatigue and movement. We did not collect the last minute, we did not change our chances. But after concentration, I’m happy, “Kalvoda said.

A better impression of having a fight with Pliat Gliwice.The team of the Polish highest competition, led Energybet sports betting by Olomouc legend Radoslav Látal, scored four goals in the half-time. Jan Navrátil, who scored the first goal and recorded the other two.

There was also the shooter of two goals Petr Ševčík.

“The first half was good, we gave all four goals, even if we also collected. In the second half it was walking football. I know the guys had enough for the whole week, but it was better to get it. It was already an old-fashioned football, walking, “the coach noted.

Today, Sigma is waiting for a third match, stakes in Slovak Staškov from 17:00 with Dunajská Streda.There will also be a healed Jakub Petr, on the other hand, Ondřej Kušnír is no longer a team that has finished the contract so far.

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