The Otters or the Pudil in Watford are not playing, their agent is going to solve the situation

“We fly to London Energybet online bets this weekend to solve the situation around Matěj Vydra and Dana Pudila,” said Chovanec for

Both Czech representatives, who played a significant part in the first league of Watford, In the new season they are waiting for the first competitive start. They are not injured or have a training manko, but the newcomer Premier League has gone without them in both previous matches.

Energybet online bet However, the 23-year-old striker Vydra has a decent reputation in Watford. In his first season, 2012/2013 gave 22 goals in 44 matches and was declared the best player of the second English League. In the past year, he was sixteen.

This summer, he has moved permanently to Watford since he hosted Udine in the club just outside London.He signed a five-year contract and was looking forward to big league matches.

“When I had a contract in Udine, I did not really know where to get ready. Whether in Watford or Udine. Now is the promise that I might be in Watford for five years, “said Vydra for his manager’s website. “When I signed a long-term contract, I decided to fix it permanently and buy a house. (…) I just have to buy beds, some dishes, otherwise there is almost everything there is. And yet a grill to barbecue in the garden. “

However, Watford’s coach, Slaviša Jokanovič, left the team because he did not agree with the club’s leadership. Instead, Enrique Sánchez Flores, who changed the game system.Watford is no longer standing with two strikers with whom he has won success in the competition.

“It’s an unpleasant situation. When Matěj moved to Watford in the beginning of summer, the clubs assured him how much they wanted him. But coach Flores changed the game system so there is less room for the attackers, “Chovanec explained.

And he went on:” Matěj wants to play. Of course, the Premier League would like to play for Watford, but it is up to the coach and club leaders to decide if they are interested. “

Watford is already getting the first offer. Official Nottingham Forest was officially called, but some of the highest-ranking clubs would also want a Czech striker.In the long run, we are talking about Sunderland, which has shown interest in the summer of 2013.

The possible transfer or hosting is a big topic in England. Coach Flores must answer the questions at each press conference.

Last responded to Nottingham’s interest: “We have not decided yet. We need three or four days. In football, everything can change in a moment. “

In a similar situation as Vydra, the more experienced Pudil, who will soon celebrate his thirtieth birthday. Maybe he can count on the interest of the second league. He has been playing in Watford since summer 2012. “Anyway, I do not think their future will be decided this weekend when I’m flying to London.In England, transfers are often made to the last minute at the end of the transfer period, “Chovanec said.

It is still possible, although according to the current development it is not the most likely option that Watford turns and Czech footballers get a chance. The closest match is the Premier League rookie on Sunday against Southampton.

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