The first league is headed by Budějovice, against the Usti decided to extend

Ceske Budejovice in the north of Bohemia Energybet bet online twice led, but the home Slovan was always able to answer. The Slovenian shooter of the Motors eventually decided to play four goals in four at the goal-setting goal of the goalman Soukup.

On the second leg of the table moved Prerov, who defended Energybet sports betting a home win 3: 2 close to Havířov. The home team entered the final third with double-handed lead, but it almost became a fatal backlash. Havířov only managed to reduce the difference to one goal, the rest of the hero of the Šimboch match.

The second victory is celebrated by Kladno, which was home to Jihlava thanks to two goals at the end.David Stach, who had a solid solo from the left-hand cushion and crowned him with a precise shot from the ring for Habal’s back, took the lead four minutes before the end.

The score of three points was seized in the empty goal of the Horna power play of the guests.

Horácká Slavia Třebíč lost the invincibility on Prostějov’s ice, even after 56 seconds for Zuzin’s goal. But the hawks soon settled and in the middle of the game they went through the lead. The decisive moments came at the beginning of the last third, when Moskal and after him, Šenkeřík took advantage of double the power and set the final result of 4: 1. Prague Slavia disappointed their fans somewhat. Again she was worried at the end and it was no surprise that Kadaň led the game until the extensions and raids.North Bohemia had several choices in the final lottery. But after Koblasa even broke the club, Markovich made a second comeback and secured a home bonus point for a 3: 2 win.

The home environment was used by Venice for the third time to beat Most 4: 2. The Central Bohemians managed to respond quickly to the management and during the second period they turned from 0: 1 to 3: 1. Although Kubinčák scored the right blow to the right pole, he did a little bit of a duel, but after the goalkeepers of Černocha, it was clear that all the points would remain at home. Litoměřice reached Šumperk for victory 5: 2, which they decided at the beginning of the last thirds when they could score twice in 20 seconds.He first used Kalla’s power play and then added an additional goal Ondráček to the goal-keeper on the goalpost. After Kopt’s solo, meaning the fifth goal, the home could not help anymore.

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