The crisis of parades in England. Vydra or Skalák do not play, Kalas is the base

There are four, and they have the hope that Czech football will be represented in the Premier League next season not only in Petr Čech. Tomáš Kalas, Daniel Pudil, Jiří Skalák and Matěj Vydra belong to the clubs that are fighting in the second English league for progress between the elite. But their contribution is not. Regularly, only Kalas and Pudil play in the new year. Offensively tuning Skalák and Vydra have lost their places and are not playing.

The stories of Jiří Skalák and Matěj Vydra have something in common. Both at the beginning of the season belonged to players who played regularly in their clubs or jumped at least as substitutes.During the December and Christmas season, however, their situation has changed rapidly.

Derby has brought coach Nigel Pearson for 12.5 million pounds (about 400 million crowns) and used it in a 4-4-2 pitch The Czech representative of the assailant testifies. However, the introduction of the season did not lead to an ambitious whole. Pearson did not understand the club with some people, and in October he was the coach of the coach.

Steve McClaren, who confesses the 4-3-3 system and does not belong to the Vydra, is the team. Darren Bent, who scored nine goals, started playing. The high-powered Tom Ince (11 goals) is complemented by the high-powered wing.

The Czech Forward was left with the jockey position and did not even get much at it.In addition, McClaren looked for another offensive reinforcement to fight for the playoffs on the playoffs for the advancement to the Premier League.

David Nugent arrived from Middlesbrough to further expand the competition. Out of eight league matches in 2017, Vydra played four and collected only 160 minutes in which he did not score a single goal.

Skalák occasionally on the platform

Skalák’s position in Brighton The second place that would provide the club with a straightforward move between the English word is similar. “The Seagulls” did not change the coach, not the style of the game, but the team started to do just without the Czech wing. He is famous for his excellent technique, coach Hughton used in standard situations.A 24-year-old footballer came to this privileged position.

On the left side of the backup, Soly March and Jamie Murphy are healed. On the right side is one of Anthony Knockaert’s biggest stars. Brighton strengthened his players in January. From Arsenal the club headed offensive Chuba Akpom. As far as the minute is concerned, it’s Skalak as well as Vydra.Of the nine matches, he took up five times, collected 167 minutes, and in some duels he did not even come to the bench of substitutes.



K Alas hold in the base

In a very different situation, defenders are Tomas Kalas and Daniel Pudil.The former is one of Fulham’s stable players and if missing for injuries (in 2017, he misses out of nine matches three), coach Slaviša Jokanovic stakes him. He returned to the set on Sunday when Fulham clashed in the FA Cup with Tottenham (0: 3).

His performance was also closely watched by Chelsea coach Antonio Conte, who still belongs to the Czech team. But the match did not work for the 23-year-old asshole or the whole team. Kalas was at the first goal Spurs when he did not hit the star shooter Harry Kane.

“It’s hard to pick it up. We were not good enough to stop him, “Kalas said after the game. “Tottenham was too hard for us.At least we see the level at which the Premier League is playing and how the front team of the table is playing, “he added.

Sheffield’s assured confidence

The second largest portion of the 2017 minutes played from the Czech The island of defender Daniel Pudil. His Sheffield holds a seven-point lead in the last place to play off.

The club he hosted last season, and he signed for the current one, is one of the pillars. In England, his redemption from Watford is a great business move. From the nine games in the New Year he also got injured in only four, but played 335 minutes, which is more than Skalak and Vydra.Together with Kalas, Karel Jarolim, the coach of the club, was also noticed by him, and in the preliminary match with Denmark he gave both chances.