Teplice – Hradec Kralove 1: 3, coach The council defeated the defeat

Teplice played the last match under coach Petr Radou in a complete damping. “We did not get it, we had to make up for the first half. The three players were at one, but they did. It was not a very nice football. The second goal goes after Chukwuma, who has been defeated and allowed to pass the player. The performance was on our side a lot of bad, while Hradec won deservedly, “said Teplice coach Petr Rada.

At the beginning of Teplice’s been active yet. In 14 minutes he relaxed on the left side of the mountain, shoved in front of goal on Mozola, and although its technical shot even pulled goalie Koubek on the corner, after already Teplice cheered.On the back pole he had enough space for the exact head of Takács, for which he was the first league goal at eighteen.

But then Hradec started to take the lead, which used somewhat casual approach of the Teplice midfielder to the defensive. In the 27th minute, Holešov’s shot from behind the limb tricked goalkeeper Grigar, in two minutes but had to for the ball into the net. Petrus avoided a duel with the Heplickers, jumped on the sixteen, and then fired exactly to the pole.

The home player still pushed his opponent shortly at the start of the second half, but Hradec played very compactly and did not accept any problems. In the 53rd minute, he won the second goal. The Slipper flew from the left in front of the goal and dropped to the floor over the standing Hoška.The referee judged this as a penalty, which Mares later changed, even though Grigar’s direction of his missiles was clear.

The home was playing in a visible cramp, which Hradec punished once more. After a quick break on the right side he reached the ball to a small lime, from where he swept it into the net of a lone Vaneček.

“The match with the game and the result was successful, I’m glad we ended the failed season with victory. We managed to turn the goal opportunities, which we did not do in the last games. We were mobile, we could watch that football. I will not continue after this season, Mr. Pilný remains, “said Roman Barborík, the Hradec coach.