Tennis players in Delhi are fighting the weather. Captain of the Indians: Djokovic would also worry

They are accustomed to demanding training sessions, long matches – and all possible climatic conditions.

However, Czech tennis players in Delhi have been surprised. “After an hour of training, I feel like three in our country,” said Radek Štěpánek, 36, the most experienced member of the Czech selection.

Temperatures extend to Delhi to 38 degrees. Most of the time is calm, the shadow at the central court in the tennis complex Raja Kumar Khana is difficult to find.And that’s the humidity…”She’s sweating her hand, she still needs to wipe it off,” said the Czech twin Lukas Rosol, who goes out of the heat regularly to cool down to the pool.

India welcomed Navrátil’s selection by conditions you can hardly fall in love. “If Novak Djokovic came here, he would be worried too,” Hindustan Times quoted an Indian captain Anand Armitra.

And world leader Djokovic is one of the most unbearable players…

Captain: I have the title in my head

The first few days of the Indian heat stood for an hour, but slowly recovered on Wednesday. “I could have been an hour and a quarter,” George Veselý smiled, who is like player for the first time in the role of Czech one. “For the first time I feel a little better. I will be ready on Friday, “he promises.

He and Rosol (85th at the ATP rankings) will be on Friday night. Štěpánek and Rosol or Pavlask will play Saturday’s double. The second option is more likely because Captain Navratil claims: “It is possible that the forces will spread among all the players.”

They may be useful. The Czechs are in the weekend match according to the ladder of the favorite, but the domestic are more comfortable with the complicated conditions.

“I think the weather can put a lot of places on the ladder. Especially in men’s tennis is not between the 80’s and the 120’s or 150’s.the player in the ladder is a big difference, “added Czech captain. “And a lot of times, we’ve also been convinced that the charts do not decide, the momentary form, the weather…”

That’s why the prophecies about the result are premature. The more so that the weather, which the Czechs get used to, can change on Friday – the meteorologists predict rain on that day. And so it is not excluded that the game will be played in the evening under artificial lighting.

It will be exotic, treacherous – and important battle.