Tennis player Vondroušová rules for juniors and longs to go to the throne and among women

At that time, Barbora Strycova, now the world’s twenty-three, and a fedcup representative, ruled it. They both have something in common: they are smaller and rather rely on force to play a varied game. Vondroušová, of course, still misses a lot of women. Meanwhile, she is ranked 597th in the WTA, but she’s also hoping to push amongst women.

“It’s not such a jump. I just need a lot to improve service, but the speed is similar, “he says. On Monday, she successfully finished the first round of junior Roland Garros. At the same place where the grandslam scene first stepped up.

Then she left for Paris with the desire to play at least a lap! Finally, the semi-finals of the singles and the finals of the doubles. “I would not have thought of it at all,” she said.She then reached the semifinals in Wimbledon, and in January she ruled with her friend Miriam Kolodziej on the Australian Open.

Recently, coaches have been replaced, instead of Zdeněk Kubík led by Dušan Karol and Jiří Hřebec. The first one is going round the tournament, the second is taking her to Stvanica, where she trains.

“Is super. Even though I’m sitting on a bench, it tells me about matches. What to do in different situations, what he felt like, “says the advice of a former daviscup representative.

She learned from her mother Energybet Energybet sport bet online football betting that she became a junior. At first, she said: “That’s unreal!” But then she realized: I will be the first to be deployed in Paris, there will be much more pressure on me. “Last year no one expected anything and I played nervously.Now I’m advocating points, I’m more nervous, “she admits.

The growing expectations of the neighborhood will have to get used to if she wants to succeed among women as well. The first gradual steps he has already made, recently won two qualifying rounds at the WTA tournament in Prague, defeating Andrea Hlaváčková, the more famous fellow countryman. “The women fight all the way to the last ball, every match is very hard. I’m glad for every victory among adults, “he says.

She thinks the way from junior to adult one is very long. But they do not feel like they ever want to end…

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