Ten shift “meteors” Milan “inter”

Wherever would not proceed: “Dynamo”
When certainly not created: 2005

The midpoint no happened a pleasure age with regard to Moscow “Dynamo”. Managing position in the organization bought available Alexei Fedorychev, with t-shirts was to exhibit away from the family name involving his friendship “Fedcom”, along with multimillion-dollar investment decision blew upward trasnfering industry. In 2005 Fedorychev includes determined hitting the ground with the broker Jorge Repair, and “Dynamo” started to attract Colonial.

Aside from Maniche, Danny, Thiago Silva, along with other dangerous participants from the players, it seems like, might encourage as well as Cristiano Ronaldo. Then he nevertheless didn’t possess wonderful fangs as well as Blond basketballs, however toward act within the last in the Western european Champion and to achieve a toehold within the “Stansted Piece”, he / she took care of.

In line with Fedoricheva, another legend perhaps allowed a verbal union in order to proceed to Spain, and England coach Felipe Scolari had to race to Moscow to help disseminate with the infrastructure from the casino. Ronaldo still said adequate feel not to check out the illustration regarding neighbor, which later finish him the idol regarding thousand.