Soccer in bubbles was fun and pain. Put him in the training, Petrusalek suggested

“Extremely demanding!”, The well-trained Jakub Petrusalek, the golden star Vervy, blew out. “It would be good to include it in the summer preparation. On stability, coordination, and physics completely bomb. We enjoyed it! “

The thermometer was climbing to the thirties as well, the Michelin actors playing for 3×15 minutes and chewing t-shirts. “Inside the sphere is in the sauna, perhaps one hundred degrees, it can not be breathed in a minute,” said Jan Krob, the warm beak.

He did not know this attraction, he searched in advance on the Internet, which he was not supposed to do. He found the worst interventions. “Then I thought I was about to drop it. I do not regret it now. When I fell after the first duel, I found out that there was nothing.Only the ball through the bubble can be seen at the last moment, but it does not matter, the fans and especially the children have fun. “

Maybe the heads that the two teams attempted. The soccer players finally won 6: 3 thanks to two goals Kroba, captain Travnicek scored twice for Czech champions. Around a thousand spectators applauded everyone.

“My first summer training. But it is supreme for us and the Teplice boys that our cooperation has moved again somewhere further.I appreciate it! “Said Petružálek that went into fights with gusto:” Whether I play with small children or older masters, line, or this, I hate to lose. “Incidentally, Petružálek finishes in negotiations with the club from the Russian KHL, Chelyabinsk Frenchman’s not.

Football glassmakers have already had a holiday, yet they have not hesitated and arrived. “Maybe Grigar keeper came right from the event team,” praised chief marketing Teplice Martin Kovařík.

From srandamače visits and was thrilled. “We called Bubble Classico as a link to El Clásico football between FC Barcelona and Real Madrid.And because the ice hockey match of Litvínov is planned for us in the winter in Stínadle, it was in the summer that we decided to make football in the winter stadium. “

The move that came out. “It’s played four to four in balls, players can not even know it’s hot and people are supposed to be by the water. Still, we have a thousand here. Exclusive, “said Jan Klobouček, head of Litvinov’s marketing.

Golden Fever does not end.