Pilsen did not want to fire it, shooting at Teplice. Will Phillo score and master?

“The match with Pilsen is special for me,” he admits before Energybet betting online the heat of the Teplice autumn, which is being excavated at Stinadele today at 6:30 pm. “I live in Pilsen, I grew up there, I walked from the pupils to the aka, I had a great time, even the worse. I know all the boys. I hope the game will lead, “he says.

He is not talking about Viktoria. On the contrary, the power of the acting master is honored. “The players are fantastic, they have the best cadre in the league,” Fillo says. As a result, Pilsen is stumbling on the dawn of the season.

“Performance is still good, only a bit of a bit of trouble. They will surely Energybet online betting deals break it, I just hope that next week. He believes.But the next stumbling can not afford it, that’s a little disadvantage for us. “

Tickets for the blockbuster disappear quickly, not in the last era of bigger matches than with Pilsen and Prague Sparta. But the positive response is the fans’ response to the warm-up game that’s on the lookout.

“I’m glad we’re playing assault soccer, I think people will like it. Of course points are difficult to do, because it is better to climb in front of your own gate and attack the open defense. But we try to play offensive, no alibi; Then it’s either – or, “Fillo remarks.

And that’s why he knows that today’s game will be pretty good. “Pilsen is betting on a similar style, I think it will be great football.And I hope that there will be enough goals. “It attracts the audience.

The tradition is that when a player opens against a former club, he promises a party a party for a victory or a reward. Fillo is holding it. And will he celebrate any goal? “Some guys do not do it against the former team, they are respectful.

I like Viktorka, but I think you should enjoy every goal. Not to blame it. “

After one hit in the network of Olomouc and Slovácko, the last two interventions in Příbram. Significant Fill’s entrance to the Teplice scene. “I see myself falling down. I appreciate it and am happy, “she does not conceal.The joy of making it bigger is that he does not take up his most favorite post in the middle of the backup. “That’s what I came to in Teplice, but then the coach changed it.”

Now he’s oscillate on the left edge of the reserve formation. “I have to adapt. It’s a league, and if the coach tells me to play a bang, I will play it, “he does not move the former most expensive player in the Norwegian league; Stavanger redeemed him from Pilsen for 40 million crowns. When he was still kicking for Victor, the engagement with the glassmaker was severe.

“We have always been in Teplice in Pilsen,” he said. “It used to be on the blade of the knife, the incredible interventions, the terribly frozen matches.When you experience the game and go to the fullest, it’s best. “

What was the source of anger? “There were always players in Teplice who did not like anything. And we in Pilsen were young and we thought we were the best in the world and everywhere we were sitting on the butt. It always had juice. Some matches, such as a 3: 3 draw, when we are leading with Pilsen 3: 0, I will remember for the rest of my life. “

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