Me and the tramp? I do not do it, says Petr Holík about Zlin

However, the player’s role on which the team will rely will not be eliminated. Being among the youngest players in the selection of coach Rostislav Vlach at the age of 23, the points are waiting for him. In the main part of the previous extralig season, the team was the second most productive team behind Čajánek. “Catcha was able to pull the game down, to make matches. I do not know if any of us can do it. I would rather see success in a team game, “offers Holik a recipe.

It is certain that he will return from the wing to the center and drive one of two elite attacks. Returning to the position of a conductor of the offensive trio he praises. “I’m more in puck, I want to give it away. With my parameters it’s not possible at any time, “he points out in his tiny figure.

After three weeks of preparation, he feels good.He was helped by a short representative campsite in Jihlava.

“It was really going on,” recalls the work under the supervision of a new coach Vladimir Voytka. Last year he invited his predecessor Ruzicka at the same time, so Holík can compare it. “There was not a big difference on ice, but around. We had a fitness coach. We went to the gym to go with him. “

He returned to Zlín and he could see it in the preparatory games. In a Thursday’s duel with Slovan Bratislava he was moving in and he made one of two Zlin goals.

“The goal against the KHL team is worth,” says Holík. He was even more pleased with the performance of the team.Although Zlin succumbed 2: 3, with three-fifths against four complete, the Slav was an equal partner. “We convinced that we could play with such a strong team as Slovan arrived. It’s a good thing to play the opening game, it looks good. “

The coming season is important for Holik. After him, a long-term contract ends, which he signed as a junior. He has not acted new with the club, but his future has not been solved for the time being. “Everyone loves me, but I do not think about it. She has not even started the season yet.When it’s over, it will be clear, “says Petr Holík.

In tropical weather, he is now enjoying training at the winter stadium. “I’m allergic to pollen, so I’m glad to be here every day.”