Looking at the snow, Samk learned to run during the preparation: I look like Bolt

It is waiting for a https://shvmvla.tumblr.com/ season that lacks a clear peak in the form of a World Championship or Olympics. Still, the female motivation is missing. Going to the eight World Cups and at the end of January at the prestigious X-Games. “I was the second to them. It would be great to be first, “she said; it also attracts her success in the overall World Cup ranking.

She admitted that she missed racing. Last season ended in February.She may have surprised her team, but she does not regret her decision. “The season was such a great deal because of the snow conditions in the world that were not good either, I did not miss that much,” she said. “I just came to two races.” Instead, she devoted herself to the children in the Snowboardcross team camps, from which she promised to help even more the popularity of her sport. She spent three weeks relaxing in Sri Lanka, surfing in Bali, hitting the hockey world championship in Prague, enjoying a powdery freeride at Helicamp, Canada, and also expanding her team. Tomas Kraus, a successful skipper, and Jiří Tichý, who previously worked for a marketing position in tennis Sparta, added to her management.Samka also promises to relieve her of the sponsorship obligations https://jordantheseawarrior.tumblr.com/ that have plagued her after the golden success in Sochi.

She has also included the news in preparation. In the spring she began an athletic training session with Michal Novák, who works at Dukla. “I’m doing special training for the race. I’m learning to run at the age of 22, “she said. “But I look like Usain Bolt, so it’s okay.” In August, she set off for New Zealand in the snow, where she felt comfortable and relaxed from the outside world. “Beginning in the season is great. Man is far from everything, even the time difference of ten hours will make his own, you can not communicate much with the environment, which is great.And there is also a great background for the athletes it is a promised land. “And on Friday a premature retirement is waiting for her – for the first time since graduating from high school he is going to school. She enrolled at the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport at Charles University, where she will study distance coaching. “I will start studying something that I enjoy and what I can do in the future,” she said.