Kanoistický obr Dostál: I look forward to it, it’s a race under the Olympic circles

On the giant reservoir in Mingačevir, the Czech giant will also compete. Energybet online free bets Josef Dostál, a 202 cm high double world champion, could be one of the Czech athletes who make the premier European games a precious metal.

“I have a specific goal: to improve the result of the European Championship, where I was the tenth,” Dostal smiled, but the responsibility does not deny: “Of course I will try to fight for a medal. It’s all about how I’m going and what I’m going to feel. “

The Azerbaijani event is still full of question marks. “I know only about water and heat,” said a well-tuned man.But this is just what the Czech speed canoe should be doing. “It’s going to be hot in Baku, and I’m doing well,” Dostal agrees, and he will have to beat the bold rider for success: “The competition will be as big as the European Championship. I’m expecting eighty to ninety percent of the best continents in the continent.

And so speed canoeing – especially from the Czech point of view – is one of the most watched European game disciplines. / P>

“As the first year, Energybet best online betting the medal would be very valuable. But mainly from a personal point of view, “describes Dostál his point of view. “From our career, it is mainly for us a general before the world championship, important for next year and for Rio, that is for the big Olympics.I take this as an interesting experience, it will be a race under the Olympic circles. I am looking forward. “

Azerbaijan presents the European Games as an Olympic event, but Dostál and his colleagues will stay away from this atmosphere. Their base in Mingačeviru divides from Baku about three hundred kilometers.

On the other hand, it is unfortunate that we will not be in the middle Cultural events.On the other hand, it is good that we can concentrate on the races, “Dostal says. “We will not distract anything, which is probably more appropriate for sports performance.” Like most of the expedition, an unusual destination looks out. “Generally, I like traveling, and I’m 22 years old, I’ve been quite a bit of a world,” says a muscular young man. “I look forward to the people: how they will behave. And in the time shift I got used to when I had to get up before four o’clock in the morning, “he added cheerfully.

In sport, the greatest joy except the world champion titles made him an Olympic medal , In London, Dostal was a member of the bronze four-jack.Next year in Rio, he would have liked to be a champion – and in the far Mingačevirus, he could move closer to the beginning of next week.

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