Interview during the match? Tennis players storm against the revolutionary news

Interviews during a match are overseas in all professional leagues. Breakthroughs are not surprising to footballers or hockey players. But in tennis? Still something unthinkable. The first attempt was made on Monday by ESPN in agreement with the US Open.

Home CoCo Vandeweghe has agreed to interview Pam Shriver, a 21-time Grand Slam champion, right on the bench on the bench.

“Pam told me she would come and ask me two questions, and that it would be between the sets. If I did not want her there, I could have sent her away at any time. Just enough to tell her two seconds before she came to the court.I nodded to come and then went, “said a 23-year-old American. “I did not even remember what I was saying,” she laughed then.

The tennis players on the bench are closing in, in another world. They do not know the surroundings. Vandeweghe volunteered to disrupt the space of Shriver. “I wondered what it would be like to look at the athlete’s head as a sports fan. I’m glad ESPN has come up with this idea. “

Excited from colleague’s work is another famous former US tennis player, Chris Evert, who commented on the station:” I hope it attracts more fans to tennis .Maybe we will be interviewing every day. “

But this lady seems to knit in this.

Serena Williams: Perhaps it will not be mandatory

Concentrate on the match? “Caroline Wozniacka twitched.

A half-minute interview also criticizes the biggest stars. “I’m an old school,” Serena Williams said. “I hope it will not be mandatory.” Novak Djokovic, the world’s No. 1 man, would not accept the offer for the match. “Definitely not at this tournament.But who knows what the future will bring? “Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal also spoke negatively.

Only Eugene Bouchard, a Canadian star, has marked the courageous step of ESPN as a” cool “way. “Spectators have an experience, why not? If the players agree, I can not see the problem. “

But it seems to be a problem. American commentators talk about “crossing the border,” but at the same time reminds of the strength of money. An influential television company has signed an exclusive rights contract at the US Open for 11 years, during which it will pay $ 800 million (almost 20 billion crowns).

The question is whether the tennis players are defeated by this pressure. Perhaps the US Open will have to get used to another peculiarity.Or even non – viewers have not accepted a short chat between the sets. In the WTA poll, 59 per cent of fans do not want to see other interviews in the game.