I have no reason not to play in the Czech Republic, the attacker Beauguel reports, Zlin has sent

In millions of Prague he missed Marseilles, missed his closest. He suffered, his performance gradually declining. “I want to go home,” Jean-David Beauguel, French striker Jean-David Beauguel, called for the duk engagement (24). So what is he doing now in Zlin? It does not seem to make sense. “Everything is OK. The reasons why I did not want to be in the Czech Republic no longer exist, “he explained in an interview for isport.cz. He admits that Zlín is not the dream of his dreams. He would like to return his career to France. However, he did not find a suitable club over the winter, so he would sign Fastav for two years. “If I did not want to play for him, I’m not here,” emphasizes Jean-David Beauguel, replacing Haris Harbu.On Saturday he was with the team in Olomouc, watching Sigma with a hooded jacket. “We wanted to see what style we play and began to get to know the team,” said coach Bohumil Páník.

It is clear that Beauguel was in the cockpit in the holography with Ibrahim Traomea and Dam Diope, for whom French Also a native language. “It is important to me that they are here,” said the Strasbourg native, who shot nine goals in the Czech league in two and a half years. All in the Duke Jersey.

Mutual cooperation, however, after the autumn, was definitely exhausted, on both sides. “It was a difficult time. I could not just concentrate on football. But I do not want to express it, it’s a past, “apologized to the giant attacker. He had originally planned to return to his home country.It did not slip, so he heard the call from Zlín.

“France was my first choice,” he did not shake. “Nothing interesting happened. First of all, I’m a footballer, so I play where it makes sense. Football is the best job. There was an offer from Zlín, so I said, “Why not?”, He summed up the courtship with the fourth overall.

Before he nodded, he spoke to coach Bohumil Páník and obeyed his sporting idea. He also looked into the functioning of the whole club and was interested in his direction. “I like the vision,” the draft two-year agreement finally agreed.

“We all know the team is playing this season very well. Everyone talks about it.I wanted to find a good club with a quality coach, and I have fulfilled these conditions here “, he outlined his motivation for a surprising transfer. “If you think that two years ago Zlín played the second league, so in a short time there was a bit of work done,” he said.

In the spring he wants to help to conquer the European League, the attack should stand on him . There’s no word about homeowner. “If I was not happy, I’m not going here. The problems that have been in my family are no longer so serious. I’m in touch with my loved ones, so I can be here today. At home I spent all of December, which helped me. I know I have the quality to play well. Better than lately. I did the first season in Dukla.I will give Zlin for the remainder of the season a hundred percent, “said Beauguel, who only hit the fall in the autumn.

For the first time, she might have been able to start tomorrow in preparation for the Golden Moravians. “Starting Monday, I’ll start with the team,” he said, adding that he needed to work on the fit. “I did not train for the moon and a half. In France, I only ran. I need time to get into it. I believe I will be ready for the league, “he wished.