Hradec on Spengler Cup ends. In the quarterfinal he lost to Canada 1: 5

Hockey players of the Hradec Králové extralig fell out of the 90th Spengler Cup in Davos in the quarterfinals, in which they favored Canada 1: 5. Advocates of the Canadian leadership led 2: 0 already after the first part, in the second twenty minutes added a third shot, captain Jaroslav Bednar although in the power struggle decreased, but overseas selection doubled at the beginning of the third third. The defeat is high, we were carefully preparing for Canada, but we did not do it because we wanted to make the game even weaker, Canada has great power play and confirmed it in that game.We had too many outsiders and Canada gave us three of the five goals in the power games, “said Hradec Králové coach duo Vaclav Sýkora.

While Canada had a defeat with Minsk (4: 7) and home win over Davos 4: 3 on Wednesdays as a day of rest, Mountfield went into the third duel in three days, maybe because of that the East Boys had to help out the fouls, and in the first third they were on the penalty bench four times, punishing Ebbett in the fifth minute and 19 seconds before Noreau’s first pause.

The introduction of the second leg seemed to be another Canadian power despite the fact that it was played in full on both sides, and the long-standing pressure of the Overseas team brought Genoway’s tremendous chance, but Kacetl captured it.He scored the third goal of Gormley in the 34th minute.

“It all came out of the first third when we were on our way, we played a lot of weakness and they gave us two goals “Then we had to open the game, push more to the end and try to rename it, which resulted in defensive defenses, and the Canadians added more goals,” said the attacker of the defeated Rudolf Červený.

Almost half a minute five to three, but 40 seconds before going to the cabins, it was Bednar, who had a great blow.

At the start of the third period, Dietz was eliminated and the East Bohemian again paid dearly when Flood’s shot He cleansed Raymond’s back behind Kacell’s back.37 seconds later, before the goal of the Czech team, he found the Paré disc more easily and raised to 5: 1.

“We had a total of 20 penalty minutes, which is a lot of power. “Cerveny admitted, whose team had difficulty adapting especially when assessing clubs.

In the 55th minute, Bednar could have reduced his lead, but he ended up defeat by a defeat, which Fucale safely read. That moment, however, could not change the fact that Canada will repeat the match with Minsk on Friday’s semifinal.In the second semifinal duel, Lugano and Davos will be defeated in the Swiss derby, which defeated Ekaterinburg 3: 1.

“While the first third was unambiguous and there was a series of four eliminations, the game settled in the second third, We had some chances but we did not manage to use them to get the lead more than 1: 3. Right at the beginning of the third period, we got the fourth goal again weakened and it was decided, “coach Sýkora said. Hradec Kralove – Canada 1: 5 (0: 2, 1: 1, 0: 2)
(Gregorc, Dej) – 5. Ebbett (Katic, Raymond), 20. Noreau (DiDomenico, Gormley), 34. Gormley (Ebbett, Raymond), 43. Raymond (Flood, Ebbett), 44.Paré (Gormley, Heshka). Judges: Wehrli, Wiegand – Kaderli, Obwegeser (all Swiss). Exclusion: 10: 6. Use: 1: 3. Viewers: 6012.
Hradec Králové Report: Kacetl – Sting, Gregorc, Dietz, Newton , Štajnoch, Ehrhardt, Pavlas – Červený, Jirinš, Šimánek – Bednář, Kukumberg, Dej – Jarůšek, Dragoun, Köhler – Monnet, T. Knotek, Lhoták.

Coaches: 1: 0)