For 335 million crowns, the Czech ice hockey will bring new Jágry

So the question is: Where do the money pop? “The overwhelming majority in youth hockey,” says Urban. More specifically, it will cost 335 million crowns in four key projects to ensure that the number of small ice hockey players rises by a third in two to four years. “When the generation of Reichls, Hašek or Jágrů grew up, the base was 60,000 players. Today, we have 23,000, “says Slavomír Lener, Union Chef.

And also in projects that aim to keep youth hockey in the elite six countries. “Which means there will be a chance that we will sometimes get to the medal, but sometimes we can end seven or eight.But we should not fall into the lower division, “says Lener.

p> As it happened eight years ago, a representative eighteen. So how to prevent trapas? In 151 clubs with at least one youth team, the total subsidy is 60 million crowns. Most of the amount will be cut by extralig teams, each for 1.5 million crowns.

A further 76 million will go on material equipment for novice children in the coming years to strip the hockey stickers of overweight sports. And 101 million will receive 13 academies and 98 million go to professional youth coaches in small clubs.It is from this point that the union promises to increase the base.

The financial injections should make it easier for parents, so the annual contribution may fall, perhaps three to five thousand a year. It is clear that only the supply of money to the clubs of current youth hockey strikes – such as clientelism or the protection of children of wealthier parents – will not be resolved.

That in addition to finance, trainers who need to look at the aspirations of their parents need to be developed, but they must be patterned for players. Do not crowd babies vulgarism when they “kiss” opponents, on the contrary, from matches and training to make a game.Even Milan Hnilička, one of the members of the golden generation who works as a development department manager at the union, says: “The coaches were sticking to the results, but a lot of kids hacked poisoning and they ended up. It was shortsighted and maybe we lost new representatives. “
It’s good to know that they know about the union.