Čermák to Sparta fans: I’m glad to get a job and make me a bilboard

One of the key hockey men Komety, Captain Leos Cermak, is preparing for the late entry into the series between Brno and Sparta. From the first two duels he still eliminated the failing injuries in his face, but he is already training and his participation in matches number three and four on Friday and on Saturday in Brno is not excluded. Čermák is also looking forward to the home atmosphere, although interesting for him was the one in Prague, where home fans gave him a provocative banner.

The Sparta fans gave during the first match a quarterfinal clear what they think of a recent incident , In which the team of Tomáš Pöpperle hit Leoš Čermák with a stick in the face.In their sector, they have developed a banner, where they have read to Čermák that he was struck by the shoulder, but he thought he was counting his teeth.

The figure with the 12 black figure was on his back as he gets a big box. P>

“I noticed that,” confirmed Čermák, who watched the games in Prague from the stand. “Of course, people will be pleased when people are worth creating such a billboard. I’m glad he knows about me and they’ve got the job done. I appreciate it, “the Brno veteran said with a smile on his face after the comet’s comedies, which he graduated. How do the fans back their care? “We’ll see.I will try to be as cool as possible on the ice for our team, “he said. The controversy, if the three-time penalty that Pöpperle had received for foul, was enough not to let go. But given the fact that the three matches are currently standing by the Spartan defender Richard Nedomlel for the backstage of Jozef Kováčik, the general controversy is offered.

“When two players are ready and know About himself, and then it ends with an unfortunate injury, so I would judge it differently than when a player attacks the other while playing when the other does not see him and makes an elbow or a blow to his head. This should be judged more strictly.The attacker can be very bad, not even serious injuries, “Cermak said.

Paradoxically, from the dangerously looking Pöpperle foul, he came out far better than his own team mate at the end of the base. The wounded face, including the eye from which he is now recovering, caused him a blocked puck on Tomas Vincoro’s shot.

“The missile is harder than a punch. I’m glad it turned out how it turned out and I’m back in the game. You will not influence the direction of the projectile. When someone shoots, another player blows the puck and you stand in front of the gate, it is hard to react. It can happen on both sides that an opponent strikes you, or a puck someone in your team is running. This is always unfortunate, “he is aware of the risks of Captain Comet.After returning to ice, he trains with a full face cover.

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