Biatlonist Referee: Place Charvátové will Jislová, finišmanka Koukalová

The fierce question of the fourth woman in the Czech Biathlon Championship Relay at Hochfilzen already has a solution. The Czech team announced on Thursday that the 4×6 km race will be on Friday Jessica Jislova, which was given priority over Lucia Charvátová. Eva Puskarcikova, Veronika Vítková, who will hand over finishing and three-time medals from the Austrian Championship Gabriele Koukalova, will take part in the second round.

Loni Jislová premiered the team race between MS seniors in Oslo, stood three times and gave the eighteenth With a minute behind the front.A year ago she replaced the sick Puskarcikova in the first session, this time she took advantage of Luciana Charvátová, who is struggling with the shooting disorder.

“It was not easy to make decisions because Jessica did not fly for about fourteen days, but I bet on her bigger “Charvátová quite honestly shot at MS in sprint and fighter, but in the endurance race made eight errors. “I believe Jess can handle his stretch, and he is shooting fast, surely, and he has also got hold of more security,” said Vitek.

The trainers also considered the career of promising Markéta David.The option with a double European junior champion fell after a fighter. “When did it look good to girls with what they are here, and the fourth girl here is not so bad to call Marketa for the price of complications,” said Vitek.

Puskarčíková and Vítková will be Have the task of approaching the Czech relay as close as possible to the tip or keeping it in front of Jisła. “It is necessary to forget everything that has been done so far, and I believe that both will show the best of them, they have enough experience,” said the coach.

The gold holder will be the sprinter, the silver from the endurance race Bronze from the Koukalová fighter. “We’ll see what the girls are saying to Gaby.Whether he will fight for a beautiful result or save what can be done, “said Vitek.

At the Sochi Olympics, biathletes were in the fourth relay, at the MS 2015 in Kontiolahti eighth and last in Oslo sixth, as Charvátová She had to make three rounds.

The sixth place result is always the primary measure of success for coaches. “Seriously, I do not know what to expect. The relay is always open. It will be very balanced because it is always balanced in Hochfilzen, but it is hard to say about our results, “Vítek said.

The Czechs won three times the relay in the World Cup in 2015 and gained a globe. Also last year in Presque Isle, USA.This season ended fourth in Pokljuce, where Charvátová went two penalties, and sixth in Ruhpolding, where she had to take David’s round.

In Anterselva, Koukalová and Czechs were up to 16 years old.

The Germans and the French are the favorites of the relay, but they have to count with the Ukrainians, Italians and Russians. The title defends the Norwegians.