AS Roma – Chievo Verona 3:1

AS Roma garnering a recent win of 2016 on its own soil. After last defeat by Juventus Wolves congregation mood and turned the match with Chievo, who scored three goals.

AS had a chance to retake after a failed match with Juventus in Turin and it was based on good home form. It was against Chievo, which boasts excellent defense, which often makes the Romans problems. Today boarded a truncated assembly without De Rossi, Rui, Manolas or Perotti.

Home AS was the clear favorite from the first minute and have tried to fulfill this role. But his actions were clumsy and imprecise. The pace of the game, rather resembled a training domestic and great commitment in bringing Wolves nedostavovalo. Guests defended carefully and rather waited for his chance. One such burned striker Roberto Inglese, who ventilated defense Giallrossi.

After fifteen minutes, the Romans threw themselves into attack when Stephan El Shaarawy keep the ball on the playing field and crossed into the box freer Emerson. He saw the second wave of Dzeko, but before him the ball for himself stole Mohamed Salah. After the quick action of Bruno Peres the same player got to the head, but the Egyptians, ending aimed much over.

Chievo defenders of the total held, but despite a few mistakes made. One such could and wanted to punish El Shaarawy, but the process was braked losing the ball. Nainggolanova morning, was first pointed out a lot of the goal. And domestic erred when AS defenders failed to cover the right side of the box and relied on the ability of goalkeeper Szczesnyho. But against two opponents headed! Unfortunately for Chievo but the wound De Guzman could be dangerous.

AS got a chance to mess standard situation, he took charge of Radja Nainggolan. With his shot Sorrentino he has counseled more so that he defended the face and the ball took off. None of the domestic players to him but did not get a timely manner. Bruno Peres from the other set pieces elected technical finish, but twisted his shot just past the post snaps!

Experienced goalkeeper Sorrentino had his hands hurt too much after the shot Edin Džeko, who after thirty minutes finally broke the long siege of the visitors’ gate, but the veteran managed with great effort the ball went. Just then, but guests unexpectedly struck. He had time to do one proper into the match, and Bruno Peres inability to guard players in attack. He took Jonathan De Guzman, who heads smoothly overcame goalkeeper Szczesnyho!

But home before the end of the first half they settled. Dario Dainelli had fouled again around the penalty area Chievo and to kick free kick to put the young Italian Stephan El Shaarawy. His last performance with the fans or the coach did not like, but which he was forgiven. Beautiful Egyptians morning is fit for back Sorrentino and AS had a chance to score points – 1: 1st

AS well topped half started and especially Stephan El Shaarawy flashed. He ran on a long pass, got into the match and although the balloon came about, it was able to fight again. Then through a confused defense he recorded free Dzeko, who from the meter into the empty perhaps could not miss – 2: 1st

Since then, the AS cool way detracts from the visitors’ goal, while Chievo again, waiting for his chance. The problem for him today presented an excellent defender Federico Fazio, who was simply everywhere. After a scrum in lime Chievo got to blow falling Nainggolan, but the defenders on him was too much. Now when the stadium chanted the name of sitting on the bench Totti, with a separate escape got Džeko. Goalkeeper Sorrentino but was in place.